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Prosperity Of Life Products - Do They Really Work?

Here's my real-life experience from using the Prosperity Of Life Products.

It was very important to me to have a first-hand experience of using the Prosperity Of Life products.

If I was going to seriously pursue the business, how could I do it successfully without wholeheartedly believing in the value of the products?

I couldn't.

I'd had a successful sales career in my past corporate life....but that success came about because I absolutely believed that I was providing a superior product at a competitive price. I knew that my solution was helping my clients and they could feel it, so they bought.

I understood that if I was going to be successful at this new venture called Prosperity Of Life....I knew I had to get to the same place of belief and conviction with respect to the value of the products and how I could positively impact my clients.

If people were to buy from me....would they have a good experience? Perhaps a life-changing experience?

And, of equal importance.....I understood the fundamental law of vibration. You attract people, circumstances and events who are vibrating on the same frequency as you.

Bob Proctor had this to say about the LAW OF VIBRATION:

The Law of Vibration is real. ✨ Your energy frequency and vibration directly relate to both your thoughts and your surroundings. So if something resonates at a stronger energetic frequency than you do, that level of frequency pulls you in like a whirlpool.

For that reason, be aware of what’s going on inside you and around you.

Surround yourself with what you want in life, fill your mind with positivity and purpose, send love to all those around you, and live every day with good intentions. #BobProctor

If I wanted to attract clients, I needed to be vibrating on a frequency that would attract those that were as excited about their personal growth and development as I was.

Of course, to get onto this frequency......I had to be excited about my growth experience and to become excited I had to take a deep I was all in.

Let's put this Law Of Vibration and Law Of Attraction thing to the test and see if it really works.

Let me give you a timeline of events that led up to my purchasing and using the Prosperity Of Life Products.

Prosperity Of Life Product Result, Shane Krider, Rachel Krider
The Law Of Attraction eventually led me to my husband. Captured on our yacht in Portugal 2022.

As I said decision was made. Yes.....this is the path that I want to pursue.

First obstacle to overcome....I had no money. I mean none, nada, ziltch. I mean.....I was in the black. Or is the red? I always get those two mixed up....I was deep in debt.

Solution....I got busy selling anything at my apartment that wasn't tied down. The fridge, the couch and the TV all went. Within a few days I had the couple of thousand and change I needed to get my hands on the entry level Prosperity Of Life Product.

So what happened after I started using the program?

Within two days I experienced a significant shift.

I can still tap into the feeling of excitement. Gosh it was an exciting time. Some big shifts were taking place in my world.

Specifically I started finding money everywhere! It was like money was literally falling out of the sky. I remember getting into a taxi and there were $1 and $2 coins scattered on the back seat. I tried to pass them over to the driver but he wouldn't take them.

I even found a $20 bill on the side of the road. Twenty bucks just flapping around in the wind on the ground. There was no one around. The street was deserted.

So I picked it up and popped it in my pocket.

I'd temporarily moved into a friend's place by this time (my place was empty) I stuck my lucky $20 on the fridge as a reminder that I was on the right path.

Now I know that finding a few coins and a twenty doesn't change your financial situation to any degree. But I took them as clear indicators....signs....that I was on the right path.

All of these shifts took place within just a few weeks of starting to use the Prosperity Of Life products. It was real-life, tangible evidence.

What was happening? I was so excited at the possibilities. There were so many signs and I didn't realise it at the time, but I had jumped into a new vibration.

Prosperity Of Life Experiences
A throw back shot to our time cruising the waters off the coast of Phuket, Thailand

You see just days prior to my start on this journey with the Prosperity Of Life products I was experiencing money going out the door as opposed to money coming to me in unexpected and surprising ways.

I was getting parking fines, talking on my mobile phone was just one thing after the other of senseless bills and fines at a time when money was so very tight that I couldn't afford one more expense.

I still remember how distraught I was when the police pulled me over for talking on my mobile phone.

It was one of my health clients calling to order some products.

Just before starting with Prosperity Of Life I ran another business as a health and wellness coach. That phone call was important, I stood to make a profit of about $50.

Guess how much the "talking on the phone while driving" fine was?

I actually can't recall the exact amount myself. I think I've blocked it out. For sure it was in the hundreds of dollars.

I just now did a quick google search and good old google tells me that the same penalty today driving on the streets of Brisbane, Australia is $1033 AUD. Crikey!

What I do remember is driving away from that traffic stop and being so emotionally overwhelmed with my situation. I could barely see the road through my tears that I had to pull over while I got myself together.

This traffic incident took place just a few weeks before I found the Prosperity Of Life products and opportunity.

Looking back now, it gives me so much comfort in the knowing of just how quickly your circumstances can change.

If you're reading this and you're in the situation like I was of way too much month at the end of the money......remember that you have the power and the support of the universe to switch this up in a nano second.

It all starts with shifting yourself to a new vibration. And a new vibration begins and ends with the thoughts that you give yourself permission to entertain.

PRO TIP - surround yourself with others who are on the vibration of success.

Prosperity Of Life Product Retreat
This pic was captured in the Presidential Suite at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. I had been using the Prosperity Of Life products for a little over a year and this luxury accommodation was fully paid for by the company. FUN FACT - Michael Jackson and a whole bunch of other celebrities have stayed in this suite and slept on this bed.

I really do believe that one of the reasons things started shifting for me so quickly was not only the information I was applying from using the Prosperity Of Life products, but also by being surrounded and influenced by the fellow Prosperity Of Life customers and distributors.

My new found circle of influence had a major impact on me.

All of a sudden I was surrounded by the conversation of success. I could see evidence all around me of others who had transformed their lives through the use of the Prosperity Of Life products and it gave me hope that if they could experience such dramatic results, then so could I.

As I said earlier, I got my start with the entry program.....the M1 which is $2,285 USD.

The program guided me to get focused and to clearly define my goals.

Because of my dire financial situation at the time I decided to focus on the financial side.

Yes I had other goals....relationships, health and fitness....but they could come later. Let's tackle the lion in the room first. Show me the money.

prosperity of life products
Fun moment captured in my first fancy car. I went from putting around the streets of Brisbane in a scooter worth about $500 to upgrading to this Porsche. It all happened within about 12 months from a standing still start of putting the products to the test.

So I used the Prosperity Of Life products to work through my money struggles. It was a peeling back of the onion layers. I identified limiting beliefs I held with respect to my feeling worthy of creating financial success. I got crystal clear on where I was going and what I wanted to create and through applying the exercises I had some significant breakthroughs.

It was fun and I continued to see sprinkles of evidence that my newly focused "wealth-creating" mind was working.

I no longer entertained thoughts of lack and bills.....I only focussed on what I wanted to create. The Prosperity Of Life products provided me with a clear roadmap to follow.

For the first time on my personal development journey I was actually applying what I was learning. It was a systematic and simple approach and I took to it like my life depended on it.

To cut a very long story short, within just five months of using the Prosperity Of Life products I had my finances under control.....I was spiraling upwards and winning for the first time in years.

I went from making $2,000 per month to making over $100,000 per month within just 7 months of applying the principles in the programs. It was life-changing and without question this success would not have taken place had I not applied what I was learning from the Prosperity Of Life products.

It's now been 15 years of growth and development and I am still an avid student of the courses. I don't see myself ever stopping my growth journey. I'm a firm believer that you're either growing or you're going backwards. There is no standing still. I have much more to accomplish so I choose to continue reading the books and participating in the Prosperity Of Life products.

Once I got the money thing under control I then used the products to focus on my health. I had some big wins and got into the best shape of my life. 💪

The one that stumped me for a while and took a few years to get under control was relationships.

My pattern was going from one bad relationship to another. I had a divorce behind me and when I looked back at all of the signifiant relationships I'd been in, it was the same guy just in a different body.

I was attracting guys that just weren't right for me....toxic, unhealthy. And truth be seemed that I made them go a bit crazy too.

So I got serious about peeling back the onion layers to understand why I was attracting these men.

I won't bore you with the details, but when I gained clarity on WHY....I literally laughed out loud. It was such a relief and I knew in an instant that I was no longer at the effect of this destructive pattern of behaviour. .....Of course, before this time it was all below the level of conscious awareness. I really had to take a good look at myself and the beliefs I'd picked up along the way.

When you're dealing with matters of the heart it can be confronting. Getting the money thing sorted....easy.....getting this love business sorted.....not so easy.

Prosperity Of Life Events
Family pic captured on a recent trip to Miami.

But get it sorted I did and I've now been in a healthy and supportive relationship for well over 10 years. I attracted the love of my life and we've been married for over 10 years now with a beautiful daughter to be thankful for.

So do the Prosperity Of Life Products really work?

It's up to you to do the work. It's up to you to create the daily disciplines necessary for change. At times you'll be tested. At times you will question yourself. My advice is to simply stay the course. Plug in every day and be open to the magical outcomes that will come your way.

I'd love to hear of your experiences by using the Prosperity Of Life Products. Share in the comments section......

Learn more about Prosperity Of Life.


WOW Rachel what a fabulous story, thank you for sharing in detail and for the fantastic snap shots. I too have learnt SO much from actively using the Prosperity Of Life products. Lifting your vibration is transformational! 😎

Jan 31, 2023
Replying to

Thanks so much Berni and Mick xx


Rhonda Lemoine
Rhonda Lemoine
Dec 27, 2022

Love your story Rach! Love our products and community and am so grateful for all of it. Since I began my journey here at Prosperity of Life, a lot of things have shifted for me and continue to shift. My self-image is so much better and I'm loving the process of finding myself.

Jan 31, 2023
Replying to

thanks so much Rhonda! So happy to hear that you're experiencing positive shifts!


Jaime Laing
Jaime Laing
Dec 07, 2022

What a truely inspiring story, and how powerful a DECISION can be. Choosing to shift your vibration (and therefore outcome) through the use of the products with Prosperity of Life completely transformed your trajectory. Thank you for sharing with such openness and vulnerability.

Dec 14, 2022
Replying to

thanks Jaime. So happy to hear of your transformation too! For anyone looking to hear Jaime's story of growth check out this link -


Thank you for sharing your story Rachel. I have been a student of personal development for many years but it wasn't until I started using the Prosperity of Life Products that I noticed a shift in who I was and who I am becoming. The products are fantastic and delivered in a fun and engaging format. I look forward to continuing my journey in business and in personal development with the company.

Dec 14, 2022
Replying to

thanks Rob. Big congrats on your personal commitment. Thrilled to hear of your results. 😊


Jay Perkins
Jay Perkins
Dec 03, 2022

Listening to your story Rach is so relatable, it has made me more aware today of how much ‘Prosperity of Life’, the products and the positive community have really enhanced my personal journey for life. I am showing up more vibrant, more grateful, and more willing to give…Thank you

Dec 05, 2022
Replying to

that's so awesome Jay! Sounds like you're in a great place 🙌

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