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Prosperity Of Life Australia

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Alison Hillis is a leading distributor within Prosperity Of Life, building a global client and distribution network from her home office in Australia.

Alison attributes her success to the level of support that she's received and also her commitment to using the Prosperity Of Life personal development courses.

“I'd never run my own business, I didn't have a background in Personal Development, yet in my first 12 months of building my Prosperity Of Life business I managed to double my corporate salary.”

Enjoying a vacation in Europe with my family and my business doesn't miss a beat.

Alison knew immediately that she had discovered her exit strategy from the corporate world. She has adopted a very structured approach in the building of her business, yet it's not at the effect of enjoying the flexible lifestyle she was looking to create.

Work from anywhere with Prosperity Of Life
I love the portability! I can work from anywhere I have a solid internet connection


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