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The Perfect Work Life Balance

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

I think it's safe to say that most people would like to work less and earn more. Work less and travel more.

Ah, yep! Count me in!

Prosperity Of Life Business owner, Caroline Manuel held a vision for herself and her family.

"We wanted to be able to spend half the year here in Australia and the other half at our second home in Turkey as a base to explore the wonders of Europe. For this to come about I needed to establish a financial solution that would allow me to live from anywhere and still make a great income."

Caroline and Don enjoying some R and R in Turkey.

The exciting thing is that Caroline's vision is taking shape and now becoming a reality. Having just returned from a three week vacation in Turkey, Caroline made $18,000 USD while working super part-time hours from her dream location.

In this unscripted interview Caroline shares her transition from the traditional world of business to moving into the online space with Prosperity Of Life.

One of the lessons that stood out to me in listening to her story was the importance of not only deciding what you want your future to look like, but also gaining the clarity and the confidence to let go of that which is not serving you.

Shot captured of Caroline in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia where she currently lives with her family.

Caroline walked away from a business that she had invested the better part of six years, coupled with a substantial financial contribution, in order to move in a new direction here with Prosperity Of Life.

It takes courage to walk away from something that you've invested so much into and I think too often we make the mistake of holding onto "things" that aren't serving us.

I remember as I was carving out my own journey to success as an entrepreneur, I was 26 years old and I'd just purchased my first property with my then husband.

It was a three story, 100 year old, sandstone beauty in Balmain, Sydney. We searched for about a year to find the perfect property and were undertaking a small renovation when I lost my job, which then led me down the path of starting that first business.

I share all of this because about a year into building that first business I made the decision to sell my home and free up some much needed capital so that I had the resources to stay in business.

I also sold my car to lower my expenses further.

These were strategic moves that I made so that I could step into my vision of becoming a successful entrepreneur, and they are decisions that I would make again in a nanosecond if I had to do it all over again.

My question to you today....what are you prepared to give up or sacrifice to create the future that you say you want?

I'm not saying that selling your house or your car is the right move for you. It was for me. I came to that decision all on my own.

What I am saying is that it's imperative to get clear on your goals....take the time to craft your future vision and then check in on where you're at now.

Get real with your current circumstances and decide what needs to shift. What needs to change in order for you to achieve what you want.

It will be different for all of us.

You might need to change some relationships. (I took this step as well....but that's a story for another post).

You might need to get a job to provide some cash flow as you're working part-time building up your business.

Who knows? But take stock and get clear.

Out on the water....exploring the Aussie Coastline.

That's what I see that Caroline did so very successfully. She crafted her future vision, took stock of where she was at and bravely made the moves necessary to create her future.

The other thing that stood out for me in listening to Caroline's story is the appreciation I have for an online business such as what we have here at Prosperity Of Life.

I simply do not know of another opportunity where the barrier for entry is so low, yet the potential for financial reward so high.

Caroline shared that her monthly expenses in her traditional business ran at about $20,000 and one of the big challenges she faced was being able to scale. There was the constant requirement to re-stock and managing the cash flow side of the business was very stressful.

Fun times in France with family.

Here at Prosperity Of Life we don't have the typical headaches you experience in a traditional business.

There's no need to pre-purchase any stock. You acquire your customer first, they pay you directly, you then order the products from Prosperity Of Life, who fulfills your orders.

This is so significant and really does make not only the barrier to entry achievable, but also one's ability to grow and scale the business manageable.

Your Prosperity Of Life fixed costs for all the tools run at about $150 per month. Compare this to the thousands you'd be up for in monthly expenses to operate a traditional business and it's easy to see why stepping into this space is an attractive solution for so many.

A common question I receive is that of advertising.

What do I have to spend on the advertising side to acquire customers here at Prosperity Of Life?

I can share when I first got going I spent about $200 per month. I did a combination of free and low-cost methods. Then, as soon as I made a sale that paid, me I invested my profits into my marketing to allow me to scale the business.

Once my momentum had kicked in and I was consistently making six figures per month, I simply re-invested about 10% of my profits into my marketing.

We guide our distributors how to effectively set up a robust campaign with a focus on free and low-cost methods.

These days, with Social Media, there are so many fantastic free methods.....waaaay more than what was available when I got going 15-plus years ago.

So Caroline....thanks so much for sitting down with me and sharing your story. You have such a lovely way of describing your journey and some of the lessons you've learned along the way and I appreciated the opportunity to connect with you.

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Éva Nagy
Éva Nagy
01 sty 2023

Amazing , what an inspiring journey , thanks for sharing !


Rhonda Lemoine
Rhonda Lemoine
26 gru 2022

Congratulations Caroline for your success and thank you for sharing!


Bridget Rees
Bridget Rees
25 gru 2022

Congratulations Caroline what a fantastic outcome for you. Very excited and inspired about your journey. Bridget Rees x


Congratulations Caroline ... a great example of how this business works around the life you want to create.


Congratulations Caroline and we totally agree on the advantages of our Prosperity of Life business compared to the traditional businesses we have run in the past.

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