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Do You Have Questions About Prosperity Of Life?


This site is dedicated to providing you with an accurate Prosperity Of Life Review. 



Do you have questions about Prosperity Of Life?

Get your answers direct from the source not from fake review sites who are just trying to sell you on their own opportunity through the publication of fake business reviews. 


Why Prosperity Of Life?

Australia, New Zealand, USA Based Prosperity Of Life Company

Prosperity Of Life is an award-winning creator of personal development and leadership development programs. We distribute our products to clients in over 120 countries around the world including to  Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, and UK.

The Prosperity Of Life distributors work independently from home following our proven turnkey business system. The business system was designed to allow the motivated entrepreneur the opportunity to work part-time hours and potentially earn a full-time income.

We utilize cutting-edge technology and clever internal procedures to fulfill this mission of providing a viable opportunity for the average person to attain financial independence and time freedom.

Chances are you've landed on this page after recently being introduced to Prosperity Of Life.  This page is designed to get all of your questions answered and to provide you with the company history so you have a better understanding of who we are and what we stand for. 

I'm going give you the inside scoop on the class-action lawsuit (with Liberty League International in 2004) and answer the question, "Is Prosperity Of Life a pyramid scheme?" We'll also dive into rumors of the name change and a whole lot more!

What makes me qualified to share the real Prosperity Of Life story (warts and all) with you?

My name is Rachel Krider. I started my journey with Prosperity Of Life 15 years ago as a distributor and became a seven-figure earner (I earned $1.2 million USD in my first 18 months of business). I later bought into the company and today am one of the co-owners and an active member of the Prosperity Of Life leadership team.

So I know the story from two perspectives - that of a distributor and also that as an industry-leader and owner. 

I'm going to do my very best to share the Prosperity Of Life history with you as accurately as possible. It's always good to get the history of a company from the source and not from the catfish marketers as I explain in this article. 

So here goes!


Shane & Rachel Krider

Why did Prosperity Of Life change the name of the company


Prosperity Of Life co-owners, Shane & Rachel Krider and Greg Strom.

The short answer is the company didn't change its name. Prosperity Of Life launched as a brand new company with new ownership and later went through a rebrand.  Let me share all the details with you. 

When I first started working with Shane Krider, the visionary of Prosperity Of Life, I got going in his previous company, Liberty League International. Back then, of course, we weren't husband and wife. That special union came a little later in the story and I will share that in more detail on a future post. 

Shane started Liberty League with Brent Payne and, in 2009, the guys decided to part ways. They no longer held a united vision for growing the company and came to a mutual decision that it was best to part ways before things deteriorated further between them.

When this partnership dissolved so did Liberty League. The good news for the distributors of Liberty League is that even though the company dissolved, they were all able to seamlessly transfer their independent distributorships to Shane's new company without having to re-buy in. They also retained any previous business qualifications. So the distributors benefited from an uninterrupted opportunity. 

When Shane and Brent went their separate ways, he partnered up with me and our other partner, Greg Strom, and together we formed Prosperity Of Life. 

It's important to note that when we first launched Prosperity Of Life we traded under the name of Polaris Global Marketing. Polaris is an acronym for "Prosperity Of Life and Return of Individual Sovereignty" - or POLARIS for short.  

Within a very short time of trading under the name Polaris we realized that our branding was easily confused with Polaris the ATV manufacturer, so very early on we switched to trading under Prosperity Of Life. 

Prosperity Of Life branding was much more simple and descriptive of who we actually are as a company. Polaris Global Marketing is still an active company it is simply registered under "trading as" Prosperity Of Life. 

What's with the class action lawsuit brought against Prosperity Of Life?

You may have seen info out there about a class action lawsuit bought against Prosperity Of Life. Let me set the record straight.

In the ten plus years that Prosperity Of Life has been trading we have never had any lawsuit filed against us. Not one. 

Shane's previous company, Liberty League International, did have a class action bought against them by a law firm in the United States back in 2004 (before my time). 

This suit was thrown out of court three times due to filing inaccuracies and incompentence on the part of the law firm doing the filing. 

There was no out of court settlement. There was no judgement or fine against the company. The law firm simply dropped the class action. 

There was a second legal matter that took place due to the actions of a rogue distributor in the state of Arizona and Shane Krider does a great job of outlining the full story on the company's annual Visionaries LiveStream. It's worth a listen to get all the accurate details (watch below).

Is Prosperity Of Life a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is when there is simply an exchange of money taking place in the form of promised returns for an investment. 

In Prosperity Of Life no one makes any money for simply investing money. All distributors make money on the sale of products. No one makes any money for simply recruiting others into the program.


We never guarantee any sort of returns. Your success is determined by your own work ethic and your ability to follow our system. 


Investopedia states that "pyramid schemes are based on tiers where new members are at the bottom and the members at the top make the majority of the money."

The Prosperity Of Life compensation plan is an even playing field. A person can get started today and have the ability to earn the exact same commission as the distributor who has been with the company since the beginning.


The only advantage that original Prosperity Of Life distributors may have over someone getting started today is that of knowledge, understanding and natural business momentum. But the longer-term distributors don't earn any extra commissions for this.


The pay structure is exactly the same for both the new and old distributors.  This means that someone could get started today and in a year or two become the top earner in the company based on their direct sales ability. 

This even playing field was one of the things that greatly influenced my decision to get started with the company. 

Is Prosperity Of Life a scam?

For something to be classified as a "scam" it must go before a court and be deemed to be operating by unethical means by a judge.


Prosperity Of Life has distributed our programs to 123 countries around the world and have never been before a court for a judge to deem it to be a scam one way or another. 

Over the years we have had various government agencies in different countries, primarily the United States and Australia, request information from our corporate office in regards to our business practises. These agencies have looked at our advertising methods, our scripts, compensation plan and our products and we have only ever had to make small changes to our business practises along the way to comply. 


We are proactive in the area of compliance. We have a full-time compliance department at our corporate office and their job is to stay on top of any changes in legislation and to ensure that the Prosperity Of Life distributors are operating ethically and appropriately based on the rules of any given country.  

Our compliance department retains legal council in various jurisdictions around the world to assist them with changing legislation. 

So, no, Prosperity Of Life is not a scam. I'm very proud of what we have accomplished and the lives that we have affected positively through both our product line and income opportunity. 

Lee Anne & Simon Haggard hold the top monthly income record, earning $257,000 USD in a single month. They achieved this milestone right in the heart of the covid pandemic! 

Is Prosperity Of Life the same as Multi Level Marketing (MLM)?

Prosperity Of Life leadership, Lise Reitsma and Kristine Bene, on stage in Miami. 

This depends on who you ask. If you ask me, someone who has had personal experience with MLM and Prosperity Of Life, I would tell you that there are some similarities between the two business models, but there are some significant differences and those differences make all the difference in the world. 

Before I started my journey here I was with a Multi-Level Marketing company for five years.  They were a great company and I learned alot, but I didn't create the financial success I was looking for.


In multi-level marketing you earn a small percentage from the production of your team (your downline). So in MLM if your team sold, say, $10,000 worth of product in a month you might make 5% or $500 from their activity.  Every compensation plan is different and in some instances it can be complicated where you have to balance legs and have minimum levels of production in certain legs and sometimes you might make as little as 1-2% depending on the plan.  Geez....I'm getting confused just writing about it 🥴

In my MLM days I would typically make about $2,500 per month from servicing about 20 clients per month.  So not setting the world on fire by any stretch.

My best month as a distributor with Prosperity Of Life I made $181,000 USD servicing just 21 clients for the month. And I've seen distributors make even more than I ever made 🙌. (yeah that deserves a high five!)

So there are two main differences between the Prosperity Of Life compensation plan and that of an MLM plan. 

  • with MLM the profits are divided and divvied up amongst the up-line. With Prosperity Of Life there is no dividing. The selling distributor earns 100% of the profits when a product is sold.

  • with MLM you typically make about $50-$100 on a sale. So you require a lot of customers and distributors in order to make a significant income.  With Prosperity Of Life a distributor has the ability to earn large profits, anywhere from $1,000 - $8,000 USD per sale. So by servicing just one new client per week you have the ability to make more than $10,000 USD per month. 

Of course there are no guarantees. We never guarantee income. You must do the work. You must follow the plan. But for those that commit with a high degree of desire and determination the outcomes can be truly life-changing. 

What influenced my decision to start with Prosperity Of Life was the fact that I could earn a multiple six-figure income in my first year if I was successful in servicing just a couple of clients a week and I could do all this based on my own efforts. My success wouldn't be determined by the success of my sales team. I liked having this degree of control. 

Please don't get me wrong. I was also attracted to the possibility of building a team with Prosperity Of Life and tapping into the leverage and residual income available, but I didn't want to rely on this source of income. 

What are the benefits of building a team with Prosperity Of Life?

When I was first introduced to the network marketing / direct selling industry I saw the opportunity for the very first time that an average person like me could earn royalties or residual income & also tap into leveraged income. 


And it excited me!

Earning royalties was something that A grade actors, rock stars and elite athletes had access too...but not me. I don't posses those talents.

Let's look at the entertainment industry. There are a number of different ways that royalties are paid out, but let's keep it simple and use the example of Bono from U2. Bono writes the hit song, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and each time this song is purchased or played on the radio, TV or anywhere, Bono earns the agreed upon royalty or residual income. So the beauty of royalties or residual income is that you do the work once and get paid over and over for years and decades to come. 

Investopedia explains royalty income in more detail here.


In Prosperity Of Life the royalty/residual income is paid out whenever one of your customers repeat attends one of our live events. We typically host two live events each year and depending on the event the profit that a director makes is $5,000 USD or $8,000 USD. 

We have clients who repeat attend the conferences every year and have done so since the inception of the company. 

If you have just a handful of your customers repeat attending you can see how quickly your residual income can add up. 

Comments (61)

Apr 30

Great blog!!


Apr 11

I am in the process of researching if PoL is for us verses other e - commerce business opportunities. I see a lot of comments from those that are distributors of the product however how many are just customers buying the educational courses ? Is there data about how many course participants are the distributors and how many are just participants with the money to invest in their own personal growth and choosing PoF for their enrolment? Perhaps someone has had these questions also and can share?


Mar 30

What is the product that you are selling? Is it coaching? As a recruit am i buying this product and then you coach me how to sell the ‘product’ onwards to my own clients?


Feb 24

I would have preferred to hear from a run of the mill distributor earning between $2,000 and $10,000 per month. Besides you only answered the easy questions. How much does the average distributor spend on ads to get one positive response? What is the failure rate of people who have paid the M1 fee but sold nothing?

Replying to

From the day I started my business with Prosperity of Life, I did mostly free advertising, still do, and many times I have earned more in a month in this business than I did in a year working for a boss and that's with no previous online marketing experience. It's up to each individual how they choose to advertise and also whether they choose to follow the training and take the necessary action to create success.

M1 is not a fee, it is personal development product someone may choose to purchase, for which they have lifetime access to.

I'm very grateful to have found this business. It has improved my life in so many ways.


A beautifully succinct expression of all that is so amazing about this business. So grateful to you Rachel, Shane and Greg. You, together brought Prosperity of Life forward to allow anyone with an action mindset to prosper in their personal development and build a legacy.

We have 2 years with POL, we see the big picture and know it is up to us!, we can ask no more! The future is out there for us and everyone to achieve their dreams and enjoy the journey. Bring it on!.


Myles Forsyth
Myles Forsyth
Sep 28, 2023

Hi Rach. I'm very very impressed by the depth of information you provide about Prosperity of Life. Your firsthand experience and detailed explanations about the company's history, compensation plan, and business model are incredibly valuable. It's evident that Prosperity of Life is dedicated to transparency and compliance, which is reassuring for anyone considering getting involved. I won’t share here but my success story with Prosperity of Life could be considered inspiring too. I’ve been partnered with Prosperity of Life since April 2016… One of my best decisions. Success stories are so inspiring, and I appreciate the sharing. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for shedding light on the company's journey! 🌟👍Myles 🙂


Eileen Darwin
Eileen Darwin
Jun 26, 2023

A company or organisations that's been in business, and remaining successful through all manner of world events for 20 years or more, is definitely one that's here to stay... knowing how to pivot during difficult times, and regear upwards is to be admired! Having been with Prosperity Of Life myself now for 5.5 years (2023) I've come to highly regard the owners, and I enjoy being part of the global, like-minded community greatly. 😍


Fiona Lindsay
Fiona Lindsay
Mar 11, 2023

This is articulated so succinctly and eloquently. Tremendous gratitude to Shane, Rach and Greg for putting this together. As someone who was on the receiving end of an elaborate business scam in the early 2000s and also someone who has been involved in the MLM industry for well over 20 years', I can absolutely agree 100% with everything elaborated on above. To me Prosperity Of Life is an absolute 'no brainer' with respect to both business and investment. And as with most things - you get out of it what you put in. There's no free lunch here. This business, the opportunity, products, company and community has continued to deliver way above and beyond what I ever expected when I got started here way back in the Liberty League days'. What it has done for me personally, my day to day life, relationships and not to mention the financial rewards has been nothing short of astonishing. I'm here for the long haul no question of it. I don't know of any other opportunity out there that consistently delivers on everything across the board not to mention the company's continuous commitment to expansion and improvement. Franchises certainly don't. Traditional 'bricks and mortar' businesses definitely don't. And as Rach has mentioned, MLM never did either despite all of the years' and hard work I put in. If you are still skeptical after reading all of this and carrying out your own due diligence, then all I can say is perhaps get clear on what it is that you are searching for to save yourself the time and energy. Because this really is a one-stop shop for building one's own personal growth, life satisfaction, relationships and of course your bank account. There's just nothing else like it out there. Once again, immense gratitude to Shane, Rach and Greg for what they have created here.


Emily Adolph
Emily Adolph
Dec 20, 2022

As the saying goes: “feel the fear and do it anyway” and that’s exactly what I did.

I was a “super skeptic” about this business and everything it encompassed before I got started. I had to get out of my own way in order to read the writing on the wall and see things clearly. This business, the products, and the amazing global community have all played a major role in the self-love and development journey of me.

Everyday becomes an awakening of myself, my thoughts, my dreams, goals and ambitions as well as how I'm showing up for myself. I'm no where near where I'd like to be, but I'm 10 steps closer in the right direction.

I'm grateful to myself for my bold decision to leap into the unknown through the eyes of fear and start this business anyway.

The beauty of my journey now: I leap into the unknown through the eyes of love, faith and my inner wisdom & knowingness. Fear is on the sidelines.

Talk about growth.

A big part of that is all thanks to you. #pol #lifeinclearview #journeyintotheunknown

All my love - Emily

Dec 30, 2022
Replying to

Good on you for fighting that fear and doing it anyways! and a big congrats on all of your success Emily! You're certainly a valued member of our community.


Bex Kirner
Bex Kirner
Nov 24, 2022

From the get-go I was excited by the potential I saw with this business. I came here for the income opportunity but discovered so much more. After many years in mlm I didn't want to go down that path again but I certainly wanted something that would provide freedom and flexibiity with lucrative compensation.

My 8 years with Prosperity of Life have been incredibly rewarding. My confidence has grown both personally and professionally, I've achieved income months that exceeded more than I made in an entire year in a job and our personal development programs have been instrumental in assisting me overcome some major limiting beliefs.

I'm extremely proud to be part of this company with its support structure, positive community of associates and company owners who remain at the coal face of the business.

Dec 30, 2022
Replying to

I'm with you Bex. I wasn't keen to go down the MLM path again.....I'm so grateful for the opportunity that is Prosperity Of Life and thankful that I took the time to really understand the business model so I could spot the difference between this and the MLM model.

Huge congrats on all of the success that you've created here with the company and THANK YOU for your leadership!


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