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When Putting Yourself First Is a Good Thing

We've all grown up hearing that being selfish is a negative trait. We're told to share, to think of others, and to put their needs before our own. While these lessons hold merit, there's a side to selfishness that often gets overlooked – the positive side.

When it comes to personal growth and well-being, putting yourself first can be a crucial component to success, happiness, and effective relationships. Let's learn how being selfish, when done in the right way and for the right reasons, can actually be a positive force in your life.

The Positive Side of Selfishness

When we hear the word "selfish," negative connotations usually come to mind – taking more than giving, disregarding others, and a lack of empathy. However, there's an alternative interpretation that can change the way we view this trait. It's about practicing self-care and self-prioritization, not at the expense of others, but to ensure your well-being.

Here's when being selfish is not only justified but necessary:

  1. Self-Care for Inner Harmony: The concept of "filling your own cup" before trying to fill others' cups is an essential aspect of self-care. Imagine being on an airplane and being advised to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Similarly, taking care of yourself first allows you to be more effective in helping others without burning out.

  2. Setting Boundaries: Being selfish also means setting healthy boundaries. It's about knowing your limits and communicating them to others. By setting boundaries, you respect your own needs and teach others to do the same.

  3. Pursuing Your Goals: To achieve your dreams and aspirations, some level of selfishness is required. It means dedicating time, effort, and resources to your personal growth, even if it means saying no to certain social obligations or other distractions.

When Selfishness Turns Negative

While there are instances where being selfish is a positive force, it's important to acknowledge the tipping point. Selfishness becomes detrimental when it ignores the needs and feelings of others or when it stems from a sense of entitlement. Striking a balance between self-care and consideration for others is key.


The essence of being selfish is not confined to negativity. In personal development, putting yourself first can be a means of nurturing your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. The key lies in recognizing that selfishness isn't an all-or-nothing trait – it's a tool for maintaining a healthy equilibrium in a world that often requires us to juggle multiple responsibilities. So, remember, it's okay to be selfish – as long as it's a conscious choice that contributes to your growth, well-being and positive impact on those around you.

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