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About Me

Rachel Krider

Prosperity Of Life VP Marketing

I got my start with Prosperity Of Life after landing on a website by accident.  I wasn't looking for a business at the time.  I was reading the book, "The Secret" and there was a concept that I wanted to learn more about. My curiosity to learn took me to google and that search led me here to this business. 

I'm so grateful that I head the courage to put my fears to the side as moving forward with this company has been the single best business decision I have ever made. 

Not only did it lead me to establish a degree of financial independence, but it led me to my husband and the most amazing adventures one could wish for.

What is Prosperity Of Life?

Prosperity Of Life was developed with a view to provide an opportunity for men and women to work independently from any location and with the support of the product line and the systems and tools have the potential to earn a life changing income working part time flexible hours. 

We are dedicated to providing a safe harbour community where people have the opportunity for growth and development of themselves and their entrepreneurial capabilities. 

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