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How To Attain A Success Paradigm

Working hard is simply not enough. Working hard in the perfect business is not enough. In order to attain successful outcomes in any area of your life it's essential that you change your paradigm to one of success.


A system of beliefs, ideas, values, and habits that is a way of thinking about the real world. At the time, this way of thinking was the dominant paradigm for social scientists. A paradigm is an example, model or pattern, especially the most basic or central one. (source: Wiktionary)

So your paradigm....the way you view the world.....impacts your behaviour, your choices and of course your results.

Want different results.....change your paradigm.


Think & reflect. Spend a little time every day observing your results. In particular think about a goal that you are striving to accomplish. What beliefs do you hold that are counter-productive to you achieving your goal?

Shane Krider teaches paradigm shift
Shane Krider guides and challenges his students to shift their paradigm.

I remember when I first started my journey with Prosperity Of Life. I was questioning the possibility of being able to achieve my initial goal of $10,000 per month within just a few months of getting started.

They were telling me that it's possible. I was hearing stories of others who achieved big financial results here in months, not years....but I didn't believe that it could happen for me.

I had a blockage. One minute I'd be fired up thinking I could do it and the next minute I'm caught up in a feedback loop in mind entertaining thoughts that it was impossible.

You see I bought my old beliefs and thinking with me from my previous conditioning.

My old beliefs.....the paradigm in which I was operating was cultivated by my perception of my experiences until that point.

It had been drummed into me by others (from a past life and a previous business) that it was going to take five years of solid work ethic to hit any kind of significant high income.

Five years to build the business was the belief I held.

But that applied to another time, another business. It didn't apply to my new business vehicle with Prosperity Of Life. I was very conflicted and aware enough that on a subconscious level I simply didn't believe that I could create big results here in months, not years.

I had to re-program my beliefs in order to shift the paradigm.

This is me at a recent event Prosperity Of Life hosted on the Gold Coast,'s the look one might hold when they have a paradigm shift 😀

So how did I do it? Here's my go-to strategy.

Journaling. I transferred my muddled thinking and got it out of my mind and on paper. This process helps tremendously. When you can separate yourself from the problem it becomes easier to solve.

Evidence. Look for evidence to support the beliefs required to attain your goal. This is a process of getting out of your mind and actually looking into the real world. Observe what's going on around you. Are others experiencing the results that you desire? Of course they are. Look for evidence until you find it.

Consult with a mentor. Even after all the journalling and the obtaining of evidence, I still had doubts. I knew I still had blockages. So I saught council with someone who was at a much higher level than I was. I confided with someone who was achieving the results that I desired. Perhaps they could make sense of the crazy ideas that were sabotaging my success? conversation and the paradigm was shifted.

paradigm shift
Lee Anne & Simon broke a new paradigm when they earned $257,000 USD profit in a single month running their business with Prosperity Of Life. BOOM! 🔥

The secret sauce in all of this is REPETITION. Plug in and focus on your goals EVERY DAY.

Listen to the audios, read the personal development books.....EVERY DAY.

As Jim Rohn wisely shared....don't be lazy in learning.

It takes a degree of commitment and follow through to achieve a success paradigm.....but I tell ya what....the pay off is so worth it.

When you become competent in this area of creation you really can manifest ANYTHING that you put your mind to.

I'd love to hear of any moments throughout your life when you've experienced a paradigm shift!

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